ORIGINAL AMATEUR CAST  Role 1    Role 2  Role 3 etc



Mark Natrass

Colonel REMY, Insurance executive - Head of French intelligence (Confrerie Notre Dame), Paris.    

Lynne Ridge

GIRAUD, Cement salesman - Regional intelligence chief, Normandy. Aliases 'MALHERBE' (Paris), 'MOREAU' (Caen).


Alan Waldron

Alain DESCHAUX, Decorator - head of intelligence, Caen.    

Mike Colley

Colonel PASSY, Head of French intelligence, London.    

Phil Winship

ALEX, Maritime liaison, Brittany. MILICE CHIEF, Caen  

Dave Johnson

MORVAIN , Government Engineer - Head of local Caen Resistance cell 'Calvados'. GESTAPO CHIEF, Paris  

John Collins

General DE GAULLE (London) AUGUSTE, Plumber - member of local Caen Resistance cell 'Calvados'. LOUIS , skipper of 'Les Deux Anges', a small fishing boat used for clandestine maritime liaison with British SOE

Alex Hoyles

Bauleiter SCHNEIDER, German engineer in charge of construction of theAtlantic Wall in Normandy, based at TODT offices, Caen. MASUY , Belgian traitor working for Gestapo in Paris. SKIPPER (Frenchman from Pont Aven) - of British Trawler N91, this Royal Navy SOE boat is disguised as a 'Frenchy' from Concarnau, for clandestine maritime liaison.

James Garrington

JACQUES, of noble birth - Regional intelligence chief, Cherbourg.    

Josh Tonks

BOB - Remy's first personal radio operator. NORBERT Dumas, member of local Caen Resistance cell 'Calvados'. Principal Apache Dancer (M) and Hornpipe dance captain

Arthur Fawns

PEDRO , DeGaulle's political advisor in France, Head of Secret Army.

ALBERT , a 'tame' German officer who frequents MARCELLE's Cafe in Caen. Unknown to the Caen Resistance, he happens to also work for local HQ 723, which issues passes to the 'Forbidden Zone' Todt OFFICER , a doubling up of roles, sub-ordinate to SCHNEIDER.

Matt Hoyles

TILDEN, clandestine French Resistance radio operator, Paris; REMY's main link with PASSY in London. Soldier in Caen Café, Todt SENTRY 2 , German soldier 2, Lorient. In fact these two blokes represent the entire army of Third Reich footsoldiers en France!!

Stan Dinne

Todt SENTRY 1, German soldier 1, Lorient, German soldier 1 Port. BAGAGES Hennebont.  


Sharron Cockayne

DANY (Paris)

Giraud's 'shadow'

 Marilyn Ridge


Alain's wife. Heads up ID forging.

  Paula Waldron


Remy's wife and mother of 4 children

 Rosemary Ravenscroft

 LUTETIA (Paris),

Pedro's No 2 on intelligence matters

Doubling in Caen chorus for Broad Daylight Robbery in Act 2  
   Pam Cooper


Pedro's No 2 on military matters

 Doubling in Caen chorus for Broad Daylight Robbery in Act 2  
   Penny Colley

 MARCELLE Dumas (Caen),

Cafe owner, Norbert's sister

   Hornpipe Dancer
   Rita Crosbie

 DAPHNE (London)

SOE liaison. Passy's day to day contact with British counterpart, the unseen 'Sir Claude'. Upper class.

SHOPKEEPER,  Dry cleaners (Paris)

'Fag-ash Lil'

 Pam Dutton


Staff officer assigned to Passy

MAMA Dumas (Caen) Family matriarch. Host to ID card 'factory' and map making

MAURICE (Paris) Head waiter and network leader.

Also Hornpipe Dancer

   Pat Hunt

 FLEUR Dumas (Caen)

Flirtatious sister to Marcelle and Norbert

 MEC (Brittany)

Alex's Radio operator



Hornpipe Dancer

   Laura Poole

 JEANNE (Caen)

Morvain's secretary

Cameo Role with song


'rejected girl'

(better dancer)

 Hornpipe Dancer
   Mary Munn


Remy's chamber maid

  Sarah Garrington

Todt Clerk (Caen)

Schneider's secretary

JACOT (Paris, Brittany)

replaces BOB

APACHE DANCER (Paris)'chosen girl'

also  Hornpipe Dancer

   Lisa Colgan


Marcelle & Norbert's sister

London Radio operator  An escort (Paris)
  CHILDREN (Play as girl/boy as available)    
  Charlotte Gaunt 'Remy' son (= Jean-Claude Renault) Newspaper boy (girl!)  
  Ashton Cockayne 'Remy' daughter (= Catherine Renault)    
  Georgia Waldron 'Remy' Daughter (= Cecile Renault)    
  (voice of) Finn Waldron 'Remy' baby (= Michel Renault)